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If that's the one you can buy that's fine. There are better ones but we all do the best we can for them.There's always things to ease the smells.
Arm & Hammer sells a litter deodorant for about 3.50 dollars. Sprinkle a bit daily or every other day.
Having a covered litter box helps too and scooping daily as well.
I've tried other deodorants but so far the Arm & Hammer seems to be the most efficient.
I tried a wonderful pine litter once but Scully absolutely r e f u s e s to use it. So we're stuck with the regular cheap one too.

P.S. BTW Royal Canin is totally over rated and VERY expensive there are other options of high quality (better than Royal Canin) and better prices like Go, Evo, Wellness, etc. They're more expensive than your grocery store food but not as expensive as Royal Canin.
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