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Post Baking Soda & Kitty Litter - Is it Safe?

I appreciate all of the replies. I am using non scented clumping clay litter as it is the only type that I can afford. ($5.99 for 15 kg.) If I ever will be able to afford it (miracles may happen?!) - I would definitely change over to better litters..... All my pets eat the top holistic foods and also from the Vet - Royal Canin/Medi Cal (as this is absolutely necessary for health reasons!) and I go without, in order to have my pet's needs taken care of! The odor is urine type (not poop type). I think I will try placing baking soda at the bottom of the litter box, and perhaps place an even larger container of vinegar in the area. And I will pray that the baking soda will not cause them any harm. Again - thank you fellow members, for your replies!
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