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Originally Posted by VIOLET0019 View Post
I wish to find ways to lessen the odors coming from the kitty litter box. I use a very large and deep thick plastic box to hold the litter, and although I keep it very clean, and as it is in a space where there is no window, I often find myself in a "gagging" mode. because of the odor. I have tried placing an open container of vinegar in the area in the hopes that it will help....but I don't find any huge difference. I was thinking of mixing in a small box of baking soda into the clumping litter (which is the only type I can afford).

I have been wondering about the effects of using additional baking soda mixed into the kitty litter. When our cats lick their paws, and thereby consume some of the baking soda - over time, could it cause any health problems? I would appreciate the opinions of other cat owners who may have been wondering about this also? Thank you!
What smell the worst the poops or the urine? If is the poops it could be the food your cat(s) are eating. Does the poop look OK to you, is it runny ?
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