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Originally Posted by wowovicevmail View Post
Thanks to everyone here,

but as i just went to walk Bella round the block we met one of her dog friends and it's owner who also told me that his dog seemed traumatised and was shaking in fear and hiding under the bed for last couple of days.
So I thought that there might be an earthquake coming (for those who are not familiar with animals predicting earthquakes - but I still dont want to risk so I'll take her to the vets and if that's really what's going on I will probably see or hear of more dogs with the same behavior there.
My sister and I where once visiting some people that had two parrots . They where resting on their perches and all of a sudden both birds freaked out and flew across the kitchen .We had no idea why the birds got so frighten until we heard the evening news . We had an earthquake and the birds flew off their perches a second before it happen! We did not feel the quake .
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