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Unhappy Thanks for your response

I was sitting in the back yard with my puppy and he was jumping in the freshly cut grass and found the earplug, grabbed it and ran into the house my daughter and I caught him and I try to get it out of his mouth, but his mouth was to small and I did not want to hurt him. I attempted to make him vomit with 3% hydrogen peroxide but it did not work, and I was worried that it would hurt him if I kept giving him the peroxide. At that point, I called the breeder who advised me that it would pass and to give him some canned pumpkin to help him poop, he stop pooping Sunday for about 10 hours and then began pooping like normal. Although, I love my little teacup Chihuahua I am worried about how his small size is going to affect him in the future. I never really thought about it until I got him home and realized that I would need a finding bell on him at all time, due to his size; he was less than a pound when I got him a 7 weeks. Yes, the vet advised that I continue to feed Toro while I watch for the earplug to pass.
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