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Originally Posted by Choochi View Post
Right, but the vaccine only protects your own dog if you give it to your dog. The fact all other dogs are vaccinated for parvo would not have protected your dog in any way as people can bring it in on their shoes. That was my point. Many of these illnesses are communicated environmentally, not necessarily through sick animals. And a vaccinated dog with immunity can still pick up the virus/bacteria and spread it even though they themselves are never affected by it.

RE puppy vaccs and boosters:
Yes, Choochi is correct. I think Choochi and I are agreeing but expressing ourselves differently. I just thought it was ironic, my parvo case.

Bringing it in on shoes. LOL. We were only about 3 weeks into an 8 week class. The whole obedience club convened a special meeting to see what to do about us. Would our money be refunded (possible admission of ignoring their own vaccination rules acknowledged), keep my money but give me the next class free, or would I be allowed to come back? They let me come back AND the trainer allowed me to continue class with his 4 month old Rottie. If you know about Rotties this was a terrific show of support from him as apparently Rotties are more sensitive to parvo than some other breeds. But I had to agree to change any clothes I'd worn that day that might have come into contact with my sick little puppy. She was back home by then but far too weak to go to class. And I had to take a container of bleach, pour it on the ground and walk through it before entering the building. Which I did.

And some months later when Jet and I did another class, the next one in the progression since my trainer felt we could move on, she was the best dog in class and won the little mini obedience trial they had at the end, against a couple of very experienced dog handlers.
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