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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Thanks. Ellivort should still ask the Humane Society though as puppy boosters may be the protocol they were following. Despite some of my own comments on unscrupulous Vets it is good to at least start out giving the benefit of the doubt. It might be a simple mistake or misunderstanding.

Yeah, it's silly what some facilities do. A lot is CYA policy. We are attending training classes twice a week, have done some Rally trials and nobody has asked for proof of vaccinations.

Years ago a training facility took copies of all our vaccination certificates and kept them on file. That was when my fully vaccinated 6 month old Lab puppy got parvo. I think she picked it up in class when a couple of club members brought a new dog to drop in classes. In fact, I always suspected a lab breeder, not ours, for bringing her newly imported from the U.K. bitch in. Drop in people who were club members were not questionned as closely as all we newcomers.

My girl nearly died but recovered and lived a good healthy life to age 14.5. I'm sure you would want to know that. I would not skip the first vacc.s, myself, after that experience, which I think was a fluke we were unfortunate enough to get hit with.

Right, but the vaccine only protects your own dog if you give it to your dog. The fact all other dogs are vaccinated for parvo would not have protected your dog in any way as people can bring it in on their shoes. That was my point. Many of these illnesses are communicated environmentally, not necessarily through sick animals. And a vaccinated dog with immunity can still pick up the virus/bacteria and spread it even though they themselves are never affected by it.

RE puppy vaccs and boosters:
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