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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Ellivort, go back and ask the Humane Society. Maybe his owner never vaccinated him? In that case the one month due date for the next booster makes sense. Initial vaccination for my puppy was at 8 weeks with boosters at 12 and 16 weeks and then not again till one year and then not again for three years.
Adult dogs don't need boosters though. The only reason that puppies do is because of interference from maternal antibodies. One vaccination at 4 months or after should confer long term immunity. If that vax is in an adult dog, a revax is not necessary at all in nearly all dogs.

Ellivort, there is no legal requirement for the DA2PP, which means that that cert really means nothing, it's different than the rabies vax cert, which does have a legal requirement.

I do not understand places that "require vaccination", since, if I vaccinate my dog and 5 years later the dog still has measurable titers, then my dog is vaccinated. So the statement about "requiring vaccination" is really not meaningful. If a place requires annual vax, then I would not take give that place my business, or I would ask if they would accept titers. If the answer is no, then I would find somewhere else, since my pet's health is more important to me.

Here's another first hand example for all of you. My crew were in for their annuals a month ago. The dog got his rabies, imrab3. It says imrab3 right on the certificate but the due date for the next rabies was given as 2014. Umm, pardon me, but 3 years from 2012 is 2015. Not 2014..
I know that the vet tech said that this is a glitch, but many vets do this *on purpose* because they think either it confers greater immunity, or they want to ensure that clients stay in compliance. Personally, I think it's malpractice, since the majority of people don't notice and will be back in 2 years when they get that reminder in the mail
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