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Ellivort, go back and ask the Humane Society. Maybe his owner never vaccinated him? In that case the one month due date for the next booster makes sense. Initial vaccination for my puppy was at 8 weeks with boosters at 12 and 16 weeks and then not again till one year and then not again for three years.

Here's another first hand example for all of you. My crew were in for their annuals a month ago. The dog got his rabies, imrab3. It says imrab3 right on the certificate but the due date for the next rabies was given as 2014. Umm, pardon me, but 3 years from 2012 is 2015. Not 2014.

The Vet tech said there was a kink in their computer programme, it won't print out a date more than two years hence. Bring back the certificate and they would fix it. Guess what the new certificate says? No due date at all on it, just imrab3.

Guess they should have stuck with the programme they used three years ago which was able to print dates at least as much as three ahead. His certificate from 2009 says the rabies due date is 2012.

Oh, and they don't give out new rabies tags anymore. I thought the tag corresponded to the date of the vaccination and was an indication of currency. Seems that has changed too.

Things do change, glitches do happen. So do subterfuge and dishonesty. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
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