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Your Vet is using vaccinations that are, unusual let's say, if you need the DHPP or whatever your version is called, every year. I am of the impression they are all now good for three years and your certificate would say so. You can easily check that out by going to the website of the manufacturer. Which pharma brand was used is usually on your certificate.

Sad to say but some Vets will try to scam you and health of your animal can take a rank below dollars in their pocket.

As far as the shots, apart from rabies they are all at your discretion. No law requires that you protect your dog from anything other than rabies. In most of the U.S. and Canada. Some people don't vaccinate their children at all, some don't vaccinate their dogs or cats.

You can titre test after any vaccination to see if protection is still sufficient, even the rabies. BUT, big BUT - with the rabies in particular you must ascertain if the titre level is sufficient and acceptable to every jurisdiction your dog lives in or visits. Some doggy day care, boarding kennels and training facilities will also demand to see certification of vaccination and may not accept titres in lieu. A training facility near me will not accept titres.

Something else to read up on is giving rabies at the same time as the other vaccinations. Giving them all at once is a huge whammy to the dog's system. Most dogs handle it well but you never know ahead of time which dogs those will be. I have never had any trouble that way with my dogs but two of my cats can't handle them all at one. I separate by at least a week.
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