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Hey shibamom -

Road salt can definitely make the pads of dogs feet raw and chapped. When I used to work at a pet store, we had a balm that you could buy to moisturize the pads and make them less irritated. My pups are little and wimpy, so the cold always gets to them before the salt, but I hate them licking it off their feet regardless - it's filled with chemicals and too much salt is bad for them anyways. Both of mine have boots. You can get them at pretty much any pet store, as far as I know. One of my dogs has the expensive "muttluks" and one has a cheaper brand. Honestly, the cheap kind work better. They're easier to get on. Plus, my littlest dog runs weird and flicks off her boots. The next time I get to the pet store, I'm going to try a disposable kind that looks like rubber balloons. They protect from the salt, but not really the cold. You get 12 in a pack and so it's not a big deal if you lose one. These run about $14, whereas the muttluks or other boots range from $30-$70.

That should be enough info! Sorry for rambling. Hahah.

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