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People with tennis balls are one of my biggest complaints at the off leash parks where I live too. They aren't allowed and it is posted that no toys are to be brought into the park. It causes aggression and far too much fighting between the dogs. When I used to take Lukka she would steal all the tennis balls....she also would eat them and spend the next few hours choking and coughing and it was just a bad idea for her to have things like that, so once I was able to get them away from her at the park (which could take some effort) I would walk to the closest fence and when the dogs were not looking I would toss it as far and in as much bush as possible. It never bothered me that the human owner of the tennis ball would be standing there expecting me to surrender it to them and many times I had told them that the tennis ball would not be finding it's way back to them once I got it from my dog. They would be mad...and I would tell them to ****ing bad.
As far as the jumping up part. Lukka has done that before and knocked one fellow flying when she jumped up on him as she was running full tilt toward his dog and at the last minute veered off in his direction and jumped on him. I posted my concerns here and how upset she had made me by jumping on this guy and you know what the majority of the forum said........You go to a dog park, you better expect to get jumped on! So I will now pass that on to you
and I see no reason why your dog can't be off leash. Jumping up and playing is expected at the park. It's the place where your dog can let go and just act silly.
I have no idea's on how to stop the tennis ball triggers but I do hope that you continue to take your pooch and let her have a blast at the park.
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