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Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Oh he's so cute and I LOVE HIS EARS!! Are they as soft as they look?

To me that still looks like the dishes are too close.....LOL They are so big! I'm glad he is doing so much better with his food agression any of the other dog have that problem too?
Yes his ears are wonderfully soft! They add such character to his mug lol.
Jersey was food aggressive when she came to us, extremely actually. She even displayed aggression towards me and my husband if we came near her food while she was eating. It was scary and intense at times but I can now go up to her dish and she backs off immediately. I can stick my face in her dish she just sits and looks at me like I'm nuts but no signs of aggression.
Of course I never ever let children near my dogs when they eat, even when I had my Golden.
It took some time and work but she came around. Took a little longer with Goober. He used to be fine with food. He ate with other dogs and cats at his last foster home, but then he went for a trial adoption and it didn't work out and when he came back and we adopted him he was different. He attacked Kato and Jersey, and so we decided until we came up with a plan on how to deal with it he would be fed in his crate. His foster mom and I think he was attacked at his trial placement by their other dog, cuz he came back with scars on his face. So maybe their other dog attacked him for his food so he became possessive of his food dish after that.
It has taken several months but he can now be fed with the other dogs, and we have also trained him that when he is finished before the other dogs, we take his dish and he must down and stay in his spot where he was fed. We do the same with the other dogs too. Abby usually finishes second, we take her dish she lays in her spot . Jersey is usually the last one to finish.
At treat time I can have them all sit together get their treat and no issues.
It's nice to have all around harmony in the pack now, of course I supervise meal times and always will.
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