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Hello again - Pawz keeps getting crystals T.T

Hiya everyone!

Long time no see! Gonna be nice and put up some photos of my boys a little later tonight (when I'm not working).

In the meantime, perhaps you can help me with an issue.

My dearest Pawz keeps getting urinary crystals, possibly as soon as he even sniffs dry food. So the vet has recommended he stay on Urinary S/O wet. Fair enough. I've had him on other foods and he still gets the crystals. It's come to the point where if he goes off this food he'll get the crystals again - which means a $1600 vet bill I can't afford.

However, Leo is also being fed this food too - mostly because they share food. He's a little less of a piggy than he used to be but he's still a bit of a hoover. I know he's "not supposed" to be on this food, according to the vet, and it wasn't until I took a peek at the archives that I found out why - he's never had issues with it before so I don't see any "real" reason to's been years that he's been on the stuff. The vet I spoke to just kept saying "if we don't know much about the cat we recommend c/d" "why can't he be on s/o?" "if we don't...." The vet I go to is a 24 hour one (mostly because I had no choice as Mr. Pawz decided to have urinary crystals) and so there are multiple vets.

On the 3 cans/day they've both lost some much needed weight but they need to stop losing it at some point.

Once again I'm having money issues. I need to find some way to lessen my expenses.

At this point I'm looking at $200 or more a month. 24 cans = $50. 3 cans/day for both kitties, total (though they could use to be on more). I can't afford that. I can't get them to eat separately (ongoing battle that I think I've managed to lose). To top this allllll off, I need to drive out of my way to get them the food which means ordering in "bulk" (making my poor wallet curl into a ball of despair).

I need some alternatives. Anything that will help. I saw something in the archives about L-meth...something that you can buy from the health food store. Oh and I don't know what kind of crystals he keeps getting either.

FYI previous food he was on was Natural Balance Reduced Calorie dry.

TL;DR - Pawz *has* to stay on Urinary S/O. Said food is lots of money. Wallet is dying. Please help.


** edit: this might be better in cat food?
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