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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Hmmm, not good. <snip>
Sometimes cats get into a vicious circle where they don't eat for a day due to whatever (maybe even stress), but then the empty stomach makes them feel a bit nauseous and now they really don't feel like eating. You want to try to break that cycle by frequently offering small bits of something irresistible until they pick up the slack on their own.

Good news (sorta) on this front, I brought home BG canned (1, 2 and 3) and fed her the Salmon #2. She ate a bit. She was licking earlier, seems not to be now. I also bought Halo Spot's Stew several different flavours just in case. So hopefully THAT is resolved. I will get some slippery elm too, I know I've seen it a few different times at one of the 1000 stores I've been to over the past week, lol!

Could be that the vet smell on Monkey has caused her to feel anxious and she's lashing out at everyone in defence. Time should help with that, but also try offering everyone treats when they're together to disperse the tension.

Thanks for the tip. I hope that it will resolve soon, poor lil' Monkey is all YAYYY let's playyyy! And Baby Kitty's having none of it.

How do they know? Have they determined what it was that made Monkey sick?

Good question. no they did not, not conclusively anyways. I guess this is something I still have to worry about. Hopefully the new vet will be able to help with that.

Uh-oh. Hard to know if the litter is the cause of the current problems you're having, but I do have to say that the silica litters are not the best choice for cats, ESPECIALLY when they're dusty like that. The inhalation and ingestion hazard they pose is significant. Glad to hear that you're returning the other bags. I personally prefer the plant based litters like World's Best (corn) or Feline Pine or Feline Fresh (both pine based), or if clumping isn't a top priority, Healthy Pet Dust Free Fibre litter is really good. Lots of people like Swheat Scoop (wheat-based) but I thought it smelled funny and really gummed up the litter box, making it hard to clean.

I came home with Petcetera Bentonite
Oops. TBH though I am pretty sure they didn't have Feline Fresh there. Not a fan of the corn one or the Swheat one but I only bought small amounts so if it is no good I will get something else you rec'd next.
I also bought Nature's Miracle No Tracking Paper but I haven't opened it yet. I put a tiny bit of the open bag of CatIt brand on the bottom of 2 litter boxes and covered it w/ 3" of the bentonite. The last one I just used bentonite (also the one that both of them use the most ) with baking soda on the bottom. It's GOT to be better than the silica stuff.

The food ain't gonna do any good if he doesn't eat, so I would feed him what he will eat. <snippity>

More good news, I mixed in a bit of BG with it and he ate. Normally.

Unless you have very docile cats, syringe feeding is way to stressful and should be a last resort, IMO. I'd try different foods first, then treats, then if necessary an appetite stimulant if nothing else works.

Good to know, last resort. Check.

Good luck! Hopefully they have some suggestions.

To encourage drinking, I also bought a water fountain at Petcetera, the CatIt one is on sale for $19.99 and the pink one, which I bought, of course, is a breast cancer donation thing. Monkey likes it, Baby Kitty not so much, but she ONLY drinks with her right paw and likes to splash around in the big bowl I have for her first before she drinks so whatever. It was mainly to make sure HE stays hydrated.

I'm feeling all smart again cuz I did this before I got your message, it appears that I am learning. Maybe.

You rock sugarcatmom!!! so very very much.
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