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Originally Posted by chloe_close View Post
He is eating 1/3 of a cup a day of Orijen. Potatoes!! DUHHHH. I guess the 0% means zero grains? I thought potatoes were not so bad???
Potatoes tend to be slightly less noxious than grains only because grains are more allergenic, but cats really shouldn't be eating much of either. 17% of the calories in Orijen come from carbohydrate, which is still too high even though it's lower than many other brands of kibble. But the biggest problem is the lack of moisture.

Originally Posted by chloe_close View Post
It helped that originally when I cut him off the Royal Canin he had smaller, more normal poos but that stopped. I don't know why this occurred.
Hard to say, could be a number of things. For one, Royal Canin kitten contains powdered cellulose, which is basically sawdust. That could have been irritating his bowels and causing more volumous stool.

Originally Posted by chloe_close View Post
OK will wait on the vaccines. I did not know that about them.
Ya, and most vets seem to ignore that bit of info, which just so happens to be on the vaccine label direct from the manufacturer. The reason you want the pet to be healthy is so that their immune system can react appropriately to the vaccine "threat" and create enough antibodies. If they're already weakened from another illness, vaccinating can either make them sicker by draining resources better used for getting them healthy, or the vaccine is useless because the immune system doesn't have enough energy to react to it. Over simplification, but that's the gist of it.

Originally Posted by chloe_close View Post
Definitely DEFINITELY going to switch vets as well. Got a good one to recommend? I live in the Old Strathcona district.

Don't know too much about vets in Edmonton but there is a holistic clinic in that area that I've heard good things about. Here's the info:

Dr. Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, MSOM, LAc, Dipl.CH
Dr. Karen Marsden, DVM, CVA
Edmonton Holistic Veterinary Clinic
8215 - 102 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4A5
Phone 780-436-4944
Fax 780-438-0465
Small animal, certain exotics, human
Holistic Practices: Chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese and Western herbs.

Originally Posted by chloe_close View Post
So you think he has been properly dewormed? How long should I expect the new food to take effect? Should I do it gradually or just straight on over?
Gotta run, will try to answer these questions later.

And OH MY GOD, what a cutie-pie Monkey is. As are Gracie and Baby Kitty.
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