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He is eating 1/3 of a cup a day of Orijen. Potatoes!! DUHHHH. I guess the 0% means zero grains? I thought potatoes were not so bad???

He was eating Kitten Chow. (cue the eye rolling)

It helped that originally when I cut him off the Royal Canin he had smaller, more normal poos but that stopped. I don't know why this occurred.

OK will wait on the vaccines. I did not know that about them.

Definitely DEFINITELY going to switch vets as well. Got a good one to recommend? I live in the Old Strathcona district.

I think first I will go find him some better canned food today and try that (the Wellness one you mentioned). I'm not too concerned about whether or not he will eat it, he will eat ANYTHING and tries to. Which also makes me suspicious that he could be getting into something he shouldn't... plants maybe? Doesn't appear so but I would not put anything past him when it comes to eating.

After that my next step may be to try the digestive enzyme thing. One step at a time...

So you think he has been properly dewormed? How long should I expect the new food to take effect? Should I do it gradually or just straight on over?

There IS a Tailblazers nearby, I had always found it to be astronomically expensive though, I will buy whatever I have to to get him healthy.
I know that Wholesale Pet Supply used to be fairly reasonable but they went out of business. I have heard though that they are now back in business so maybe I will try there as well.

Ask and you shall receive!

First pic ever:

The LOOK after getting caught playing with Baby Kitty's tail (aka. The Cat Formally Known As Abbey):

And just so she doesn't feel left out, it's ruff bein' a doggie ya know? Gracie:

ETA: Thank you!!! :blush:
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