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I know this topic is older, but just wanted to update that I am in the process of switching my cats over to Nature's Variety. The first night I tried it on it's own with no luck with any of my cats.
They had been a little spoiled as I was away with work for a couple months and my mom was looking after them and giving them tuna as a treat.. which they got hooked on!
So I tried mixing with the tuna, eventually adding a tiny bit of the Natures Variety with a lot of tuna. Finally got them to eat it and now I've slowly been changing the mix. Tonight they are now eating 1/3 of a medallion each with a tiny bit of tuna mixed. I am still giving them limited dry food right now until I can get them eating it on it's own.
I'm glad to finally be getting them switched off of the dry food and onto a much more healthy diet.
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