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Nature's Variety Raw Frozen

I just found out about this food and I have several questions, firstly does anyone here feed it themselves?

Is it a good alternative to making your own raw food, and could a cat survive solely on it?

Is it better than feeding a canned food diet or equal?

I'm looking for a low-fat food (compared to dry kibble) as all of my cats are over weight. I understand that "diet" dry cat foods are very low in moisture content which can affect the kidneys, which is something I would really like to avoid after losing one cat to kidney failure. I'm looking for a food low in carb's to help prevent diabetes as one of my cats is extremely overweight and at risk. I'm also looking for a grain-free food as I have two siamese cats who seem to have extremely sensitive stomachs or possible food allergies. They throw up food continuously, compared to my DSH who rarely ever does.

Is it a suitable food for what I need? Do you find it is easy to switch over for finicky eaters?

Do you feed your cats once or twice per day? or more?

Thanks in advance.. lots of questions.
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