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Thanks again everyone. it is a bit disappointing. just feels when something comes around that i can be excited about it just can't really happen. but that's ok right just plug right along. we have a roof over our heads (when it doesn't leak...) and many other things to be happy about its just frustrating to me. i want i don't know something to go our way but guess that time wasn't now.

i am going to be fighting the floor when ever we do move out i'm not making any noise about it right now cause we're still going to be here for a few years. going to up efforts to get out now. yea i'm young too. he's 35 i'm 29 going to be 30 in september. i tell you there are days where i feel like i lived a hundred years already. who knew health problems could be so excruciating with the worry and money and everything.

again thanks for the hugs and thoughts it does help makes me feel there is somewhere i can hang my hat and cry sometimes.
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