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Originally Posted by reanne View Post
Wow only 7% function and he's not going to get dialysis, he must be doing well. That's great! Is there anything they can do about the proteinuria/did they do anything about that? Do they know what is causing that? Usually that is a sign of renal failure, not a cause-what actually caused the kidney failure, do they know exactly?

The cause of kidney failure they gave was fsgs as the disease. this is where protein leaks into the urine but from what research i have done i guess the excess protein can cause kidney damage.

Is your husband on a special diet along with his medication (avoiding certain foods)? Does he weigh himself daily to see how much water he's retaining? He's probably on furosemide, (that's the go-to diuretic anyway) it dumps water off you really fast and can help prevent stagnant urine..

yes he's on a special diet not so strict yet as i guess it can be when he starts dialysis. he does not weigh himself at this time. i check his legs where he is swelling the most with fluid and we keep an eye on his ankles as well. he is on furosemide.

That is great that outwardly he is not having a lot of symptoms and that he is feeling good (I am guessing)? Probably he'll be a candidate for peritoneal dialysis when he does need it, and that is good because it will allow him to have a pretty normal life (including going away on vacation!!!) whereas renal dialysis can be pretty paralyzing life wise, having to spend 4hrs a day 3 or 4 days a week in dialysis. Hopefully the dialysis days are still far away. It is pretty amazing though that we can even do something like dialysis, so even though it can be life changing in bad ways, it is also life changing in good ways too.

How old is your hubby if you don't mind my asking?
He at this moment doesn't want peritoneal dialysis. for a couple reason he has to lose weight which we are working on, he says he wants the experts to take care of him and we do not have the room for all the supplies needed for that nor a room that can be sterilized for him only. we have three cats and we're in a small one bedroom apt. He is 35 young for this i guess but not the youngest. We go day by day right now or i should say month to month. i try not to think to much into the future. it scares me and i need to be strong for him. currently the dr doesn't have a starting time due to his surprising respond to his diet change and meds he has become stable right now. so we'll see her at the end of july and see where that takes us. i mean if he feels sick or off we see her right away and go from there. i watch him like a mother hen.

Thanks for asking and thanks everyone for the well wishes lets hope he goes longer.
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