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Hi all.....from reading this thread our Mother cat (unsure of age as she belongs to Daughter) took her as daughter moved and didn't want her to be brought to a shelter.

Anyways, I have seen our Namine lay there, her back near her tail flinching like she's irratated. I get her to stop and rub her like she's itchy or something. This has been going on for a bit, then she goes days all good. She runs like something is chasing her,then stops then runs.

Now we are starting to find poop. Little spots up the stairs then find a big "blob". She has done it on our bed, under the bed pretty much every part of the house.

The little blobs are very smooth looking in texture and the big blob one time was runny and then it seemed like it had liquid around it. No blood.

She does go pee in box, no change to diet. She had a litter 2 years ago. 4 kittens. We got her and 2 other we kept fixed. They all had a clean bill of health, now this with the Mother.
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