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Exclamation What's going on with my cat?

My cat is 5yr old neutered male. He has PU surgery last year and things have been great since up until about 3 months ago. He seemed to have rolled off the couch and began to frantically try and stand up but his hind legs seemed to just flop. It only lasted about 30 seconds. Maybe a little longer. I grabbed him thinking his hip popped or something so I put pressure on his hips and he got up and walked away.

I didnt think anything of this at the time. Figured it was a fluke and his hip just popped out. But last night it happened again. He was on the arm rest and just kinda fell over into the couch, looked at me funny, then rolled off onto the floor and couldn't get back up. He pull himself up but his back legs didnt seem to support him.

Once again I grabbed him and comforted him till he calmed. Then tried pushing on his hip and once again he got up and walked away.

It's so fast, yet it terrifies him, and me! I'll he making an appointment soon because I now know this could be serious, but does anyone have a clue what could be going on with him???
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