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Same symptons here and need opinions

My 6 year old female Medium hair cat part Maine Coon has over the years pooped outside the litter.
Symptons: She doesn't poop for several days and runs around the house with poop falling. After she hides and pants a bit. It happens every year and lasts for months.

What I've tried:
1. First couple of years on daily lactoluse
2. Changed for fibre response food (which worked for the first year)
3.Tried Lacteeze for cats
4. Tried human grade restoralax
5. Changed litter type to corn(bad), back to clay based
6. First year took x-rays but found nothing
7. Tried Cysperide to make her try and poop more frequently. She's still on that with no success

1. Poop is segmented, firm but not too hard
2. With Lactoluse, the poop gets watery and too loose
3. She still pees in the litter (alot of pee)

I'm sure this is Megacolon but the treatments are getting more ineffective each year.

I'm at wits end since it's getting expensive and she is still fairly young.

Anyone else has this experience?
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