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His weight is good. He likes water from the tap and doesn't drink to excess. I do usually add a bit of water to their food anyway. He's not the one usually asking for crunchies at night. Doesn't seem to have any problem remembering he's eaten or had goodies. He's pretty quiet actually unless he wants something like lovies, a drink or it's goodie time...has no problem remembering that in the mornings! I think his hearing and eyesight are still fine, he can hear that bag of Temptations being opened no problem and find his treat! It sure sucks getting old!! Next in line is Bobee, he's 13 this year.

That's a good idea with the feliway. I think Noella stresses him out a bit but she doesn't bother him in the litter box which is good. I like the collars so I'll pick one up and see if that helps him at night.
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