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Cats sick of raw?

My 2 8 month old Bengals have now been on a raw diet most their lives. They started off on canned, but they had such a bad case of runny poops (for a month I couldn't find a commercial food they were both happy with), someone here suggested raw. I did research, chose to go with Dr. Lisa A. Pierson's diet. I have had to make adjustments to the diet (replacing taurine with actual chicken hearts as I can find it in abundance where I live, I have had to play around with egg quantity (cooked and raw - they don;t seem to like it), and now I am at a standstill! They just don't seem to like it anymore!!!

I package the raw I make in individual vacuume sealed packages, per meal, They went from eating it completely raw, to I had to nuke a small portion of it and then mix in a larger portion of raw, to half and half to all cooked They just are not eating it raw they refuse to eat it! So I am going between raw, raw/cooked and fresh pet select) because they will inhale this stuff and they do need to eat inbetween me trying to figure out what is wrong)

I have a couple of ideas to get them back to raw, but I am not sure if it will work.

1) I have had boiled a albacore tuna steak and I froze it in tablespoon sizes just for a treat. I know that canned tuna is extremely bad for them, and since albacore steak is something I already had in my freezer, I cooked up a steak for the kitties. So I plan on re-introducing the raw and mixing the albacore in the raw... hopeing that they go for the tuna smell they love so much.

2) change up the recipe? I wouldn't know to what? I currently make them both chicken and rabbit and I switch between the 2, they end up eating more chicken because rabbit is super expensive!

I would love to keep them on raw as I do feel it is better for them in the long run, less kidney failure complications and such, but I can't if they won't eat it? Unless I can continue them on this diet but make it cooked? I wonder what if any nutrients are lost once I cook the food? Is there something else I can add to this cooked diet to compensate?

Just so lost again with this food thing, and I always get nervous because it seems there is always an underlining issue, last time poops and now I have another thread out there about my one cat having trouble/seeming uncomfortable sitting and walking (muscle maybe, maybe nothing), waiting for him to get better or worse because right now it's just something I noticed recently and not going on a long at all and I don't think my vet can do anything right now with "I think my cat is uncomfortable walking and sitting" even though to someone who is not around him as much as I am, he seems to be walking fine.

I know I am a worry bug and I baby them.
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