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Originally Posted by jasp615 View Post
I'm listening.
lolol! GOOD! Was just making sure.

What do you give your dog for treats. Can you give them cheese?
Frozen organs, tiny, cut up pieces of fresh meat, dried meats, some cheese once in a while, but mostly dried meats.
We don't use treat-based training methods here, so the call for treats here isn't a big one per say.

I am looking at a website that does raw diets and oils for animals. The site is all natural.
and this will help your dog how? Again, stay away from commercial products. A natural raw diet means going to the store, buying some meat and giving it to your dog. It's no more complicated than that. When you enter into the world of commercial foods, you are doing the very same thing you did when you bought kibble.

I'm trying to grasp all of this but it will take some time. .
I found the whole thing became easy when I stopped thinking like a human and started thinking like a dog. Try to keep it simple. This is not a complicated diet. it's 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. If you stick to that rule, you'll do just great.

Best of luck

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