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my cat goes crazy at the vet

my cat, ari, who is just over 2 years old, has never had problems at the vet (except for an innocent hiss here and there). however, when i took him 2 weeks ago for his annual shots and checkup, he went completely insane and it wasn't possible for him to get his shots. he hissed, growled, scratched, twisted and turned around, jumped off the table, etc... it sounded terrible!
so, my vet gave me two sleeping pills and told me to try again a week later, after giving him the pills.
so i gave him 1 of the two pills (1st one was lost after i mixed it with his favourite snack - salmon - and he wouln't eat it). 1 pill didn't seem to make any difference, but i took him to the vet anyway, hoping he'd be alright.
at the vet, he was even worse than the previous week and it was completely impossible to examine him. the vet gave 2 more pills and told me i should give both pills and we'll try once more...

any advice about this? i'm so worried about him. he's never been like this before and at home is a very calm and friendly kitty.
i'm especially worried too, because next year, i'll move from korea back to canada and bring him with me... i'm worried he'll attack the quarantine people at the airport....!

thanks in advance!
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