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Liberal policies are like a "One way street"

Let me start off by saying that I am not a smoker, but at the same time I thought that the way smoking was banned went a little too far . Especially when many establishments had already spent lots of money to give smokers a place away from non smokers.I mean it was all supposed to be about the health of the people ,right ? The cost is ongoing in lost revenue for many businesses , some that had a higher than average number of smoking clients.
Now it seems that the provincial lawmakers cut into their own pockets a little too deep when they banned smoking in public places everywhere in the province. There is now an exemption for Provincially owned casinos , they will be allowed to build special covered areas to allow smokers a place to enjoy a legal cigarette in the hopes of bringing back lost revenue to the ,I say it again "provincially owned" establishments.
It appears that these law makers will not allow the same exemptions to other non provincially owned resturants, bars donut shops etc even though they face similar if not greater % losses to their businesses.Maybe it is because these covered areas will only be effective when attached to provicially owned property and that if they were built elsewhere non smokers still might get a whiff of smoke ? I don't know there reasons this is just a guess ,feel free to add your own because the "Science" this must be based on is way over my head
I thought that this law to encourage people to quit for their own good was done to protect the public , just like their very own pitbull law{same science maybe ?}.
At first it appeared to me that the concern for the publics health was outweighed by by the loss of the almighty dollar to the province hence the reason for the change. But giving it some though today at work I realize that,that is only part of it . They think the voters in Ontario are stupid and we will just roll over once again.
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