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This is Mika

Starting in May, 2019 we started noticing this tiny cat around our neighbourhood; moving from house to house looking for food. We knew she was not approachable because every time she saw an human she would run away.

We started to leave small amounts of food out for her and over a three month period she finally agreed to come live with us; as a guest. We took her to the vet and was told that she was in good health but under weight (2.4kg) and probably 8 months to a year old.

We were also told that she was not feral but rather an abandoned or lost cat because she was able to interact with humans once she got over her immediate fear.

Mika is still an out of doors cat spending up to 7 hours a day doing what she loves to do; playing in the green common areas among the housing neighbourhood. She has the best of all worlds; a safe place to sleep out of the cold, lots of food and love as well as the carefree live of coming and going as she pleases. She hasn't spent an overnight outside since she moved in.

She has a unique personality and we are still learning about each other. I am hoping to share experiences with other cat people to see if what I think is "unique" is really more common than I think
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