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Hello Ria:

Sorry to hear that your problems are still ongoing.

It reminds me so much of our Missy episode.

I went into the site on Facebook that HRP suggested. It looked like it could be a very good site for discussing problems and remedies. I joined it as well.

I think your comment about getting off the medications is a good one. They have a tendency of damaging the immune system big time.......and especially the microbiome of the gut.

Here are a couple of web sites that I use for home made diets.

On there are some good articles to research on the side bar...... Making Cat Food........ Dr. Pierson has gone into great lengths in discussing the methods of prep......under Feline Health she has an article on vaccines, long acting antibiotics and a good one on pilling cats and dogs.

Holisticats has a good section on food prep. I use both web sites for this.

Hope these sites will give you some information you are looking for. Do keep us informed.

When you are working with this, keep in mind food allergies. They can throw a mean curve as well.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
They ask no Questions. They pass no Criticisms.

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