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Once you address those urgent needs, consider this:

Forums like this one are a good starting point for many people.....but, when it comes to dealing with serious health conditions, the very best sources of information and support are sure to be the specialized online communities that deal with each type of disease/chronic condition.

For the last (almost) 20 years there has been an active online community of people whose kitties have cancer.....that's where I'd be posing my questions.

People who run these groups are, by far, the 'specialists' where it involves best practices of care and management and are knowledgeable about the very latest treatment information - including clinical trials etc.

Now, most of these groups were started in earlier Internet days before forums like this came along, and they used email as their 'operating platform'. The majority, including the cancer group, continue like this today. I'd suggest that you get yourself a new separate email account to use exclusively for the group as that will help better manage the info flow.

That specialized online community can be found right here: For People Whose Cats Have Cancer
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