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TNR in Montreal I need Help

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of any TNR (Trap - Neuter - Release) programs in Montreal?
I need to get some stray/feral/alley cats spayed/neutered. I have about 7 coming to feed and find shelter on my back patio. I really want to help them, but when I call the city, everyone seems not to know and keep putting me on hold, telling me to call the number that refered me to them (!), or simply 'dont know". I have a humane trap and am willing to trap the cats for TNR, but there seems to be no solution... Please help me!

Helper to:
Cookie July 1st 1999 f/ RIP July 31st 2008 -cat
Tonali June 3rd 2007 f -cat
Elphin April 21st 2008 m -cat
Stibule(Gino,Airell,Katla,Rasta)June 6th 2009 f- cat
Gino Ferrero April 8th 2010 m -cat
Airell Awenn Awnfenn Ep Berrth April 8th 2010 f- cat
Katla Chilam Balam April 8th 2010 f- cat
Rasta Farian Marley April 9th 2010 m- cat
Chipcat-Filou found June 12th 2011 (Ocicat 6months old) f-cat
Jane the Snow Cat rescued Dec27th 2012 f- cat

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