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Originally Posted by ygritte View Post
Thanks for the reply, Barkingdog. The harness was put out of his sight promptly after that day and I have not reintroduced it to him, nor do I plan to anytime soon. As I stated before, Tobias isn't 100% an indoor cat because his previous owner let him out in the summer months. I didn't intend to walk him as you would a dog but rather let him sniff around the backyard and front lawn a little just to get some fresh air.

Anyhow, thanks again for the reply. I'm definitely still in the dog house... or however you would say that for cat issues. He is slowly, very slowly, getting a little bit warmer with me though and following me a little bit around the house and curled up on my legs for about a half house while I was lying on the couch. As was suggestion in another reply, I am giving him his space.
My daughter family adopted a cat the was found outside and the cat will sit on the window looking at birds for awhile then fall asleep . I bet he is dreaming about the good old days of hunting birds. I think your cat will forgive you in time, they're very independent animals so it may take a little longer than it did my dog forgiving me.
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