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Originally Posted by ownedbycats View Post
It really is sad to see how prevalent those coat patterns caused be genes linked to diseases are, and that the poster of the pictures seems to have no idea how lethal and debilitating those "pretty" genes can be. The number of merle dogs was truly distressing.

On the other hand, that dog with the heart shaped nose
In my breed, Labrador Retrievers, there is a growing problem with BYB producing what they call silver Labs. Less often charcoal and champagne. These are not official colours, they are gene mutations producing dilute versions of the official colours of, in related order, chocolate, black and yellow. Uneducated buyers think the colours are legit because they are often registered but the breeder lies and calls them by their official colour.

Shortly down the road some of these poor dogs experience skin problems, hair loss, sometimes very, very bad. It's Alopecia or Hypotrichosis, sometimes called Dilute Alopecia if that applies. Other breeds are affected too, as per the link to the Merck Manual.

It's very sad for such dogs and their owners. I don't think any of these dogs are in the link in the OP, it's just an opportunity to spread a little education and ask that puppy purchasers educate themselves before buying.

In the colour link it's the first one that I find most fake looking. My monitor is old but I swear those black eye rings are photo shopped on.
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