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Feral male sprays inside winter shelters...

Hi everyone,

I just set up one of my winter cat shelters on my back patio during the past weekend, and I am having a problem I never had before...

The cat shelter I set up is a very large litterbox lined with wool blanket inside.
This was cleaned and washed over the weekend.

I noticed today when I lifted the top that no cat had slept in it, since the blanket was not 'crushed' as if a cat had laid there, but that a cat did go in and sprayed along the side INSIDE...

I never had this problem before. Usually they use the shelters to sleep in, but never has any cat did this...

Is it too early to set them up?
I usually do it later, around the beginning of October, but I find the nites are quite cold and taught it would be a good idea to set them up earlier...

Any idea what's going on?
Why is a cat spraying INSIDE???

thanks for your advice.

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