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Pregnant Dinosaur

Thelma better known as "The Dinosaur" is a very tiny female cat, a russian blue/DSH cross that got super pregnant. Needless to say we are totally pro spay/neuter and against backyard breeding. She lives with my parents, a rescued beauty. Anyways my mom went out of town to help her sick sister and her dog for a month, my dad scheduled the surgery wrong, she escaped in between his feet when he opened the door a few times -_- and the result: A tiny, bonsai cat that looks like a perma kitten now very, very pregnant.
Since she is very small (she's about 10 or 11 months but she's just tiny) we are concerned that her petite size could present a challenge when the moment of giving birth comes. Last night she didn't leave my mom and dad's side. She slept with them and they slept with the light on since she was making tiny effort sounds and her pupils were dilated so they could keep an eye on her through out the night.
This mornkng everything seemed fine, she walked, ate, everything normal. Of course they're prepared to take her to the vet if necessary (I hope not )
Anyways has anyone here experienced having a very tiny cat in labor?
I had my fair share of assisting female kitty ladies but never this small
She looks like a 5 month old kitten hehehe
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