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Hello hmd:

Welcome to the forum.

Giving some consideration to your questions.

Personally I feel that if you are restricted to one room in the house, it wouldn't be a wise idea to have a cat of any age..........kitten or older.

They require an area large enough that they can run in and get exercise, ideally the remainder of the house that you're in. Being cooped up in a small area can put the animal under severe stress which could be detrimental to its health in the long run.

The worst part is that we humans don't pick up on animal stress easily.

In regards to feeding, I would suggest having a look at "species appropriate" food. Stay away from the kibble. I'll include a couple of web sites to check out.

I feed raw and have been for about 15 years........I make my own cat food. A vet that requested that I do that, suggested that we wouldn't see vets very often and I've found that has been true to the letter. He referred to "kibble" as "slow death by the bag".

If you feed species appropriate the stench from fecal matter is almost eliminated and especially if you are cleaning the litter box daily. You would need a litter box, a scoop and litter. They should be separated in a different room than the food and water dish. If that is not possible, there has to be a good 5 to 10 feet between them.

In regards to vaccinations, be very leery on over vaccinating. This is a point where if you can access an interactive vet, they are more in tuned with vaccinations. The only one that is mandatory in your area is the rabies. Try to get it done as little as possible. Provincial law states that animals are to be vaccinated for rabies once, preferably after 15 weeks of age. It's only Municipal laws that seem to "request" it more often. This is what I found out from our local health inspector for Ontario at the time.

As far as insurance is concerned, that's a personal decision.

Felines need toys as well and lots of interaction with their owners, so play time is very important.

You did not mention whether or not you are a worker outside the home, or are you at home?

Dr. Pierson is very knowledgeable about feeding and vaccinations, and cat health in general. It's worth doing some research in.

I've used Sandy's web site for years and have found it very good. It's where I have picked up some of my recipes. Speaking of recipes, if you decide to go raw feeding, make certain that you have reputable recipes to follow. And make sure you have all the ingredient requirements on hand before starting.

Keep us informed.
Animals are such agreeable Friends.
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