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I'm thinking of getting a cat pet for the first time


I've never had a pet before but I'm thinking of getting a cat as a pet.

Though I lived in the past in a place where my roommates had a husky and a cat, but personally I wasn't involved in their stuff so much so cannot say that I really have experience.

My place is not that big, as I live in a room in a shared house. It's almost a big room, but still, a room. So it is my first concern whether a room is a good and comfortable place for a cat, as when I was doing some online search, I read that pets (both cats and dogs) need a big place and a lot of space to be comfortable in.

I also don't have any idea about how the cat is going to go to the toilet. What kind of equipment I need to get for that, how should I take care of them, if the cat would need training for that, and whether if it makes the room smelly since I will have to keep that in my own room.

Also, the food. What kind of foods does a cat need, and how much should I feed them per day?

The health. How should I take care of a cat's health, what kind of vaccination are required etc. Also, I've heard something about insurance for pets. Do I need that too?

Boy or girl? Is there a difference whether it's a male or female cat (in terms of taking care of)?

In general, for food, vet, insurance etc., how much normally should I expect to spend per month?

Also, where should I look to get a cat? Look for shelters near me in Google? Kijiji?

Is the age of the cat that I will get important (personally I would prefer to have a cat that is very young or a baby)?

These are my main questions that I need to know some answers before I decide whether I will be able to take care of a cat or not.

Sorry if my questions are too basic. I'm totally new to the pets world! I'll appreciate any help and suggestions. Thanks.

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