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I just use a big plastic water jug. I have one I bought at Walmart, it has a thing in the top that you fill with water and freeze and then it sticks into the liquid in the jug and helps keep it cool.

Anyway today I just filled it half full of water, threw in 3 teabags and covered the top with foil and set it in the sun, most of the afternoon. Here it got pretty warm. I just used some of the Tetley herbal tea. It was warm enough to dissolve the sugar. We got about 3 drops of rain!! hahaha guess it didn't work as well as I thought it would.

It's not really strong, but then I don't like my tea very strong. Came out pretty good. You used to be able to get teabags for making iced tea. I think Lipton makes them, I know they're bigger bags. Don't know if maybe the tea is stronger though.
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