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Well I guess I too am a bit of a technology hound lol.

I NEED my washer and dryer and dishwasher for my everyday life, I probably could live without the dishwasher but wouldn't be happy about it.

I have a cell phone and use it everyday, I sell Avon and have A LOT of deliveries to make and that cell phone is what keeps me on time and in touch with my customers. Of course it is the latest and greatest one too with the coolest ringer around lol

My bf has a Playstation 2, I myself don't play it much....but when his friends are over they either veg out on the tv or play PS2

I also have an iPod....I got for Christmas. I don't use it as much as I should right now. But come summer I will wear it around my yard while I am gardening or at the lake while lying on the sand in the sun.
And since I tend to end up in the hospital at least once a year :sad: due to my medical issues, I am going to love having 3000 songs at my disposal and a good book to keep me from going crazy bored in my bed lol.

I love my digicam and my bf has a camcorder....can't do without those otherwise I wouldn't have snaps and video to look back on and remember the good times.
Of course my high speed internet is a must, gotta keep in touch with all of you right???
And my car.......GOD BLESS the auto industry lol. I LOVE my car.

I adore technology...scares me how fast it is moving...but I love it and want it in my life, as much of it as I can afford lol.
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