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Also, we do primarily give them dry kibble diet but that's because Clover is too choosy and moody when it comes to food... whereas Tyke is a foody, and sometimes does get into her bowl of wet food when we occasionally give it to them every week... though he only does that if she gets moody and walks away from it when we give it to them, else if they both start off on the wet food and she finishes it off before Tyke is on his bowl, then she eats it.. but like I said, she's too moody. We can't keep wet food as their primary food as Tyke will finish it off and she might not get any... so we keep kibble available for them 24h, but occasionally give wet food. Though I know wet food is way far better than dry. Raw she doesn't even touch, but again Tyke would eat anything, and he is little on the heavier side, so we take precaution.
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