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Hi hazelrunpack,

Thanks for such a detailed reply and good to know you've tried so many things for JD, hopefully some of it has helped him and great that he's better now.

No we didn't, we're planning to share the pictures with them now.

No stress, everything's been normal.. and it's been few months, but yes, now that you mentioned, I am guessing it could be seasonal... humidity related, though we do have a humidity and temperature meter and maintain it using humidifiers. But I have to use Bio-true/systane for hydration myself, so she might be needing it as well. I should also mention here that she was kind of addictive to watching TV (though for limited time in evening when we watch it) before we started training her to either watch it from a far away distance and also decrease her screen time. She has luckily lost interest in it now.

Sorry to hear about your dog, and thanks for sharing the human tear tip. I am wondering if any regular human eye lubricants/artificial tears could do the job!

Tried Lysine, both powder and she loves the Head to Tail Lysine treats... also my wife makes sure to wipe her eyes whenever she gets a chance.

We even went all out to change the regular litter with Wood pellets and sifting litter boxes which works amazing. Saves dollars and has far less dust and tracking. Did all of it guessing that it might help if the dust was causing any allergies. It did seem to help, though to some extent.

What is surprising is that it is not continuous, when it isn't there, then her both eyes look perfectly fine. So we keep trying to figure out what triggers it, we send her in to the bedroom while cooking etc but no clues. It's pretty random, sometimes it's fine for couple of days in a row, but then it returns. Remains for 2-3 hours only though.

Thanks again and do let me know any other tips or ideas you get after reading my reply. Sharing pic of the duo, Tyke is a dog cat and likes to be treated as a baby as you can see. Clover gets to play mom sometimes even though they're from the same litter and she is tinier than him!
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