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Unhappy Has anyone tried a dog whistle for barking?

Hello everyone,
I am so excited to have found this site to be able to communicate with other pet owners.
I am really hoping to have some of your opinions on my Cairn Terriers (Levi) barking. He barks and barks as soon as he leaves the door way and goes steady. I was wondering if anyone has tried the dog whistle for this?
Any ideas on controlling his barking?

We have only had him for about 3 months and he was very abused before we got him. Which brings me to another items I could use some insight on. When we bath him and then try to brush him he quivers and then pees because he is so afraid of the brush. We can only think that the brush is one of the items he was beat with. Now we have fostered alot of dogs with other issues but nothing like this. I love him so much and it breaks my heart but I need to be able to brush him at some point. We have tried to just put the brush on the ground for a few hours to let him investigate it and well, massaging him is not even an option. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance and I am very much looking forward to your responses and insights.

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