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I think my Coco has a bit, he walks a bit stiffly. I have no idea how old he is. I haven't really put t hem on anything. I do buy seniors food the odd time. There's a butcher shop out on Sydenham right out of town. I bought stuff for the dog from them a few times. Pretty good prices if you tell them it's for your animals. Try Greenlees too, if you go out to their place on 15, you can get scraps that you can grind yourself. I used to go to the butcher's on Montreal st in the plaza across from the Mac's/Esso station. I can't remember if it's the same guy, I think he retired a few years ago but he was good for getting ground chicken carcasses from and there was still quite a bit of meat on the bones. I could get like a 5 pound bag for less than 5.00!!
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