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Well, good news today, Roo has been shifted up a class in Obedience by a visiting instructor. I had hardly started when she told me, and by the end I thought she may have changed her mind seeing he was a bit of a disruptive influence, LOL, but no, she does understand the breed and what a pain dominant dogs can be. He again took one look at the Sibe and wanted to eat it, he spotted(if you'll pardon the pun) a dog that looked like a harlequin Great Dane cross - brown with funny markings and spots and a blue eye - and thought he'd deal with it, I mean how dare it turn up in his class late like that! (sigh) Finally, a young female long coat GSD got a couple of growls. Unfortunately my friend letting her GSD lunge and bark at Roo a few weeks back seems to have him not trusting that breed anymore. Anyway, now he's out of Puppy class looks like I should actually make some effort to train the dog, huh? I'm pleased with the boy, he's still very friendly with every person he meets and I am sure I was right thinking he needed obedience training rather than just show training.
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