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Thumbs up Chase & I at the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon for the Hamilton SPCA!

There was a huge turnout at the walk, so I'm hoping that the SPCA was able to meet their goal with all the cash donations.

With some last-minute help from a good friend I was able to raise a little over $500!!!!!!! SO happy about that!

We saw Sylvie and Winston there, and met Sylvie's pretty new foster, Sheba. She's very timid, but once she gets settled at Sylvie's house I'm hoping we'll get pictures!!!

Chase was a little bouncy and excited, but overall he was VERY well behaved and he will definately be heading to Woofstock with me next summer!!! I'm so proud of my boy.

So here are some pics, and *gasp* I'm going to be brave enough to post more than my legs!

See how proud Chase is of his high-fives???

Hazel - let us know if you can't see these. I know you're having trouble with Photobucket pics, but I don't have a resizing program right now and have to use the site. Maybe someone can save a few and e-mail them to you? I'm posting a couple picture threads today and feel bad you'll miss out :sad:

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