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Teeka and Our Newest Addition

As some of you know, we just recently went through some very rough times with our baby girl, Teeka. She is now doing great and is mending each day. Here is an updated picture of her, taken this afternoon.

What I did not know however, is that my husband had heard of another little kitten in need of a home. She apparently was brought in to have her first set of shots and dewormer, when it had been discovered that she had IBS. Her owners did not return for her. My husband made the arrangements, and on Friday of last week, brought her home. We STILL have not decided on a name, and have been calling her 'Kitten'. Please help! I'll get better pictures soon, this was taken moments ago with my cam phone for a quick picture.

So far both kittens are overjoyed to have one another, though I'm pretty sure our older cat is thinking we have gone nuts.
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