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Updated link for the Tasin TS-108 Meat Grinder

I have also purchased the Tasin TS-108 and have been using it for a little while now and LOVE it. It handles all the bones and meat of a chicken wonderfully (trim the drum sticks sometimes - too much meat), rabbit and even pheasant. I use the largest plate (3/8") first then do a second grind using this same plate and the bone size is perfect. My dog loves his dinners now and is healthier than ever. Thanks for the post guys and to One Stop Jerky Shop for an awesome machine, the Tasin TS-108 is a beast and I would recommend it for sure.

Shipping wasn't cheap unless you grab it cross border.

Updated link to the Tasin TS-108 Meat Grinder:

Originally Posted by kimouette View Post
Ok after many hours of search here's what I found

Based on the following website, the Weston #8 is a good grinder for grinding chicken bones!

If you really want to buy from a Canadian store, here is the only place I found:

Tasin TS-108 is one of the most popular meat grinder in the Barf and Raw feeders community. It is impossible to get one FROM Canada, but if you buy it directly from the following website
they charge 64$ for shipping. Then, if you use that little tool to figure out the REAL cost after tax, import and everything:
you will probably find out that total cost is about 250CAN$... which is not THAT bad for a 1200Watts grinder!
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