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Hi Cathy1,

Originally Posted by Cathy1 View Post
When the vet told us that he had a tumor he wanted to know if we still wanted to treat him for diabetes or leave it alone, we opted to treat him.
Is he getting insulin injections? If so, what type and how much? I can't believe a vet would suggest that NOT treating the diabetes would even be an option, no matter what other health conditions there were. It'd be kinder to euthanize otherwise. Death by starvation, which is essentially what would happen, is not a nice way to die.

Originally Posted by Cathy1 View Post
He will not eat dog food but will eat table food.
Then I'd say give him table food, which may actually end up being healthier for him anyway depending on what it is. There are a shwack of recipes at these links that may help give you ideas on how to ensure they're balanced appropriately. Some recipes may be more applicable to Duke's situation than others so if there's any way for you to consult with a holistic vet, that would be ideal.

Some info on the food-insulin connection:

Originally Posted by Cathy1 View Post
The vet put him on Previcox which he takes only if we hide it in something yummy.
Not sure how the tumor is affecting Duke's liver, but I thought Previcox was to be avoided when there's liver disease present:

Originally Posted by Cathy1 View Post
My husband is also diabetic so we use his tester but cannot get any blood from the ear
Have you tried really warming up the ear first, like rubbing it vigorously for several minutes or holding a sock filled with rice (and heated in the microwave) against it? Also make sure the lancet device is on the deepest setting, and maybe try a fatter gauge lancet for a while. You also have to press the device against the ear fairly firmly, with a folded tissue on the other side of the ear so you don't poke your own finger in the process. Another place to try testing is the inner lip but doggies might not be as tolerant of that.
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